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Top 8 Guidelines for Decorating a Rental


Top 8 Guidelines for Decorating a Rental

Renters of luxury apartments in Atlanta may want to personalize or decorate their home, but there are a lot of decisions to be made, and this can be overwhelming. Below are a few suggestions to help make the process a little more straightforward.

  1. Decorate

It’s easy to put off decorating or making the decisions about painting, and those delays can occur, again and again, leading to a long time passing before action is taken. Personalization and customization of a home through decorating is a great way to feel happier and more at home, even in a rental. Even if only temporary, small steps can be taken, it’s better to do the decorating sooner rather than later.

  1. Buy Versatile Items

As a renter, there is a good chance that the time in any particular place may be limited. Buying versatile furniture pieces is a great way to save money in the long run, as they can fit into more than just the current unit. This includes standard sized pieces, more neutral colors, adjustable, or collapsible bits and multi-purpose pieces.

  1. Upgrade the Lights

Lighting upgrades can be quick, easy and inexpensive. Hanging lights can have shades replaced, floor, and table lamps can be great additions and even just changing the lightbulbs to better quality, and better temperature ones can improve the look of a rental unit.

  1. Replace the Hardware

Cabinet handles in bathrooms and kitchens can be basic and are usually very easy to replace. This can change the feel of the room and help the room fit the personal style of the renter.

  1. Upgrade the Window Treatments

Basic window treatments can feel boring and bland. Luckily, new curtains and blinds are easy to install and usually inexpensive. Choosing a bright color or pattern is an excellent way to up the style of a room.

  1. Paint

If it is an option, paint is a simple way to personalize a rental. Neutral colors may even avoid the need for repainting when it is time to move out. A renter may need to get approval for colors from their landlord, but it is worth the effort.

  1. Consider Temporary Options

Vinyl wall decals and temporary wallpaper are great options if a painting is too complicated or not allowed. There are a considerable number of options for colors, patterns, and devices.

  1. Buy Rugs

Even high-quality flooring can benefit from a beautiful rug, whether the floor is just not the right color or could use protecting. Whether it’s breaking up a broad expanse of hardwood flooring or kitchen flooring, or covering some dull beige carpeting, a good rug is a great way to improve the look and feel of a room.

Decorating luxury apartments in Atlanta doesn’t have to be difficult and keeping the above suggestions in mind, anyone can have a personalized, stylish home.


Temporary Wall Treatments for Renters

Even a unit in a luxury apartment community in Atlanta can use some personalization to make it a better-fitting home for a renter. One great way to do that is to decorate the walls. While photos and art immediately come to mind, there are more options available that allow a renter to spruce up some blank walls.

Temporary Wallpaper

There are quite a few options for temporary wallpaper, and it is a great way to decorate in a luxury apartment community in Atlanta. Whether used to cover an entire wall or just a portion combined with other techniques, temporary wallpaper provides an easy way to personalize a rental without making permanent changes. There are even DIY options using a myriad of materials from gift wrap to butcher paper that can be unique and striking.

Vinyl Decals

Remove vinyl decals are available in a ton of colors and designs. These can be used as centerpieces or to create unique and engaging patterns on the wall.


Fabric can be used in a variety of ways to add color, style, and texture to townhomes in Atlanta. Large sheets of material can be used as temporary wallpaper, covering most of a wall. Alternatively, tapestries and curtains can be attached to a wall to hide some portions of it while breaking up the white expanse.

Art Gallery

Another option related to art and photos is to make a wall into a gallery, covering it in pictures or artwork from floor to ceiling. This type of installment is very uncommon and makes a significant impact on guests, and allows a renter to share moments from their lives or their own particular style in a beautiful setup.


Shelves can serve a couple uses in townhomes in Atlanta, breaking up the solid color of a wall, providing storage space and allowing for the display of sentimental items and photos. Many shelf styles can work in a rental, from quirky prebuilt designs to custom, personal shelves to DIY rustic or industrial shelves; there is a shelf to meet just about every need and style.

Personalizing blank walls is an excellent way for a renter to make a unit truly their own. No matter the skill level or artistic eye, a wall treatment of some kind can be found to match the needs of nearly any renter. Whether in a luxury apartment community in Atlanta or one of the rental townhomes in Atlanta, a renter should not hesitate to make their home reflect their personality and style with temporary wall treatments.


5 Ways to Add Personality to a Rental Kitchen with Temporary Changes

In many Vinings apartments in Atlanta, the kitchen is one of the first rooms visitors see and one of the places where the residents spend the most time. As such, it is crucial for residents to be able to customize and spruce up a rental kitchen even when significant upgrades or permanent changes aren’t available.


The backsplash is an area that is both reasonably easy to personalized and not often improved, leading to an opportunity to make a bland, dull kitchen into a personalized, bright and unique space. Some options for improving a backsplash are applying vinyl decals, velcroing a base material to the wall and painting or applying wallpaper to it, hanging decorative items like photos or artwork, and painting the backsplash if it is an option. Even lovely kitchens in Vinings apartments in Atlanta can benefit from a more personalized backsplash.


The quality and look of the floor impacts the entire room and is somewhat difficult to improve, but there are a few options. Floor cloths are a simple and inexpensive option to cover up an disliked kitchen floor. Another option is applying vinyl flooring with a removable adhesive. This isn’t an easy solution but can be well worth the effort.


Improved kitchen cabinets are another highly impactful change a renter can perform. Vinyl decals, contact paper, and removable wallpaper are all ways a renter can upgrade cabinet doors and frames. Whether it’s a pure solid color, an abstract design, or something more artsy, this simple project can have a significant impact on the look of the kitchen. Cabinet and drawer hardware are also easily upgraded and add a nice touch to the room.

Counter space

A small kitchen can be frustrating to work in, particularly when it comes to counter space. In some kitchens, it can be possible to increase the available counter space using a kitchen island or cart. Additionally, a renter may be able to find a cutting board built to fit over the kitchen sink or find burner covers for the stove that allow for some additional workspace.


Some kitchens just don’t have enough light. Whether without a large window or the appropriate light fixtures, dark kitchens are dingy and feel cramped. Adding under cabinet LED light strips is an easy way to get more light where it is needed without significant alterations.

Plants and Accents

Adding some small plants to the windowsill or other location and hanging some decorative items or photos on the walls can quickly spruce up a bland or boring kitchen. Even a simple produce bowl can add color and life to a sterile-looking rental kitchen.

With the importance of the kitchen in the home, personalizing it can have a significant impact on how beautiful a unit is to live in. Small or large changes can have a definite effect on the look and feel of the whole rental and are usually worth the effort.